Olot, 20 September 2018- Carrefour and Espuña have confirmed their commitment to cooked ham made without phosphates, at an event to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the launch of this product on the Spanish market. The event, which took place this morning in Olot, was attended by Muntsa Vilalta, General Director of Trade of the Government of Catalonia; Josep María Corominas, Mayor of Olot; Xavier Espuña, Manager of Esteban Espuña SA and Jorge Ybarra, Food Marketing Manager of Carrefour España.

The distribution company markets this product under the “Carrefour Quality and Origin” seal and it is available in the company’s supermarkets, hypermarkets and online. The presence of this product at its points of sale is part of the company's commitment to food transition. 
CYO cooked ham is obtained from whole hams of pigs whose diet is based on cereals. In its production process it is cooked in its own juice to obtain a ham with a natural flavour, which is more aromatic and which has a juicier texture. Furthermore, no phosphates, sugars, antioxidants or carrageenans are added, which sets it apart from other products on the market.

Quality and Origin, two of Carrefour's goals

The “Quality and Origin” seal that has been present in Carrefour for more than 15 years, came about due to consumer demand for products at the best price with the original taste, with assured animal welfare and the protection of the environment and that are made by farmers, fishermen and cattle breeders who are passionate about their products. These products are based on five values: food safety, with traceability from the field to the plate; flavour; fair price according to the quality offered by the product; authenticity and respect for the environment and social responsibility.