Esteban Espuña S.A. has just purchased close to 20% of the Spanish company Pata Negra Jan, S.L., owner of Pata Negra LLC, an American company specializing in the production of cured cold meats. As a result of this investment, Espuña will now be able to export its products to the United States, incorporating its references into the portfolio of products of Pata Negra.

The incorporation of Espuña into Pata Negra Jan, S.L. as a shareholder will allow the former to assess the latter on how to improve its industrial and technical features, as well as its production processes. In turn, Espuña will be able to obtain first-hand knowledge of the specific processes of the American market in order to adapt them to its Spanish factories.

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Xavier Espuña, Manager of Esteban Espuña:

“The United States is a priority objective in the internalization strategy of the company, as it is a potential market totalling 40 million inhabitants in the New York metropolitan area alone, not including its closest area of influence”.

The international market, key to the growth strategy

The international market, key to the growth strategy

The variety of products offered by Pata Negra LLC is very similar to that offered by Espuña. The American company has made an investment in order to position the brand within the gourmet sector, with all natural, high-quality products without additives. The incorporation of Espuña as a shareholder into Pata Negra will allow it to share its experience and provide the advice necessary for improving its processes and supplementing the range of products.