12 April 2019
ESPUÑA R&D is one of the fifteen companies from the meat sector that take part in the Q-PORK project, a set of initiatives to improve the quality of pork and pork derivatives by addressing various aspects of the meat industry.
One of the chief objectives of the project is to detect technological defects in the quality of pork in the different stages that comprise the processing of cured and cooked derivatives, from the entry of the animals into the de-boning rooms until the final product is obtained. With this aim in mind, the project also seeks to develop and validate innovative technologies to enable different types of meat products to be classified, including pig carcasses, pieces of fresh meat and processed products.
Q-PORK is made up of four topic-based working groups that act jointly to achieve pork and pork derivative products of the very highest quality in a coordinated manner. From its R&D department, Espuña is basically involved in one of these groups. Namely WP1, the focus of which is new technological solutions for the control and improvement of pork quality.
In order to achieve the project’s goals, all its initiatives focus on enhancing the quality of pork and pork derivatives and also, as a result, improving consumers’ confidence with regard to food health and safety.

File number: COMRDI15-1-0027
Co-financed with ERDF funds.

Via its R&D department, Espuña chiefly takes part in the following groups:
Q-PORK, which is responsible for searching for alternatives to improve the quality of pork and its derivative products
WP1, which focuses on new technological solutions to control and improve the quality of pork, including NIRS spectroscopy